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General turms and conditions of business.

1. Scope of validity:

These general terms & conditions of business apply exclusively for all deliveries, services and offers in our shop. 

2. Closure of contract:

Any order submitted by the customer will be binding and will give rise to a legally valid purchase agreement.  Price indications in advertisements are subject to change and non-binding and will only apply as long as stocks last.

3. Information on use:

The information contained in this Internet offering has been carefully compiled by us and we will strive to check and update it on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, we are unable to assume any form of liability for the correctness, currency, completeness and continuous availability of our content. We also cannot warrant that the content of our Internet offering will be suitable for the user and his or her purposes. We will only issue binding information, advice, recommendations or clarifications within the context of individual communication. We expressly claim no ownership of the content of other providers, even when we refer to such content in the form of hyperlinks. We reserve the right to change, add to, curtail or even cease our Internet offering at any time. The content, design and structure of our Internet offering are protected by copyright. The information, texts and image material provided by us are only intended for individual user access to our Internet offering and may only be reproduced and used for commercial purposes with our consent. We permit our customers to use the photos provided by us only during and for the purposes of commercial reselling of the goods purchased from us and illustrated in the photos in each case. The photos may not be used again once the reselling of the goods has taken place. Our Internet offering is intended for the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and compiled on the basis of German legal regulations. It is not our intention to have our offering accessed from territories outside Germany. We assume no liability for the suitability, usability or legal permissibility of our Internet offering for users from other states.

4. Prices and payment conditions:  

Payment will be in the form of advance payment (remittance or in cash on collection) or by cash on delivery 

5. Delivery:  

Goods will be delivered 2-8 working days after arrival of payment. We cannot assume any guarantee for the post office DHLor Fedex delivery periods. Inclooded any of our supplayers if any product (s) are/should be out of stock.
6. Transportation damage and transfer of risk:  

The purchaser must examine the delivery without delay and immediately notify Deutsche Post AG or UPS of obvious damage. Hidden damage must be reported to us immediately by the purchaser in writing.  Concerning the sending of objects to us, the customer will bear the risk until the goods arrive with us. Shipments to us must always be free of postage. Shipments with postal charges will strictly not be accepted. We will be happy to reimburse postage where complaints are justified.

7. Guarantee and limitation of liability:  

If a delivered object is defective or if any assured feature is missing from it, we will be entitled at our discretion to perform a substitute delivery or a subsequent improvement. Multiple subsequent improvements are permissible.  Slight differences in the purchased object with reference to quality, colour, shape will not constitute defects, as far as they can be reasonably expected by the customer according to commercial practice.  In the event of a claim the customer must return the corresponding goods to us with as accurate a description of the defect as possible and in the original packaging. Where transportation damage or missing goods are suspected the shipment packaging must be retained for inspection or enclosed with the return shipment.  Claims for damage compensation that are raised against us by a customer as a result of positive violation of contractual duty, as a result of negligence on closure of contract and as a result of impermissible actions are ruled out, unless the damage has been caused deliberately or through gross negligence. This will not apply for claims for damage compensation arising from the particular assurance of features that are designed to safeguard the purchaser against the risk of consequential damage.

8. Disclaimer:  

Claims to damage compensation arising from the impossibility of performance, from positive violation of contractual duty, from negligence on closure of contract and from impermissible action are ruled out against us in any event, as far as there has been no deliberate or grossly negligent conduct.  At the most, the basic value of the goods at the time of delivery will be reimbursed.  Any subsequent damage is excluded from the liability in any event.

Any questions? Send us an e-mail to customerservice@gearupfashion.com